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Real Touch Flowers

 At Glam Floral, we design, customize and sell a variety of Real Touch, artificial flowers incorporated into various bridal designs, such as wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flowers for the wedding party, centerpieces, hair clips, and other accessories, such as, unity candles, guest books, signature pens, flutes, flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows. All our featured designs are created by Lana, who has professional Floral Design certification. We are picky with the products we ship, so that you don't have to be!

bqcalro-2.jpgReal Touch flowers are a great fresh flower alternative for weddings as they are guaranteed not to wilt. They are an ideal choice for destination weddings as their appearance will not be affected by the climate.  Real Touch flowers are artificial flowers. They are also commonly, but inaccurately referred to as "silk" flowers. We do not use traditional silk flowers in our designs, as they make the arrangement  look cheap and less like fresh flowers.  Real Touch artificial flowers are maticulously manufactured using modern technologies, to represent how the fresh flower appears in nature, down to the details of the veins and color gradations of the petals.  The Real Touch flowers used in our designs feature many lines within the Real Touch family, including: Real Touch, True Touch, Soft Touch, Natural Touch and Floramatique. 

The cost of Real Touch flowers is more than silk flowers, and often is very close to the cost of the fresh flower counterpart.  Although the initial cost of a Real Touch flower bouquet or flower package may seem a bit high, it is important to consider that these flowers are not simply silk flowers, and have many benefits. For most brides, the benefits of using Real Touch artificial flowers in their wedding designs far outweigh the cost of the flowers.



customer-18-in-veil9.jpg  BENEFITS



  • REALISTIC: very fresh & realistic to the look & touch, photograph beautifully
  • GAURANTEED NOT TO WILT: will stay fresh looking for many years to come
  • HEALTH: will not cause allergies on your Wedding Day, which is common with fresh flowers
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: don't need to be kept in water, before or during the wedding
  • FLOWER SELECTION: your bouquet will be made of your favorite type and color of flowers, regardless of season (some flowers are not available in all colors)
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: don't need to be kept in water, before or during the wedding
  • PLANNING: See your flower designs in advance & avoid disappointment on your wedding day
  • SAVINGS: No need to spend additional amounts of money to preserve a fresh flower bouquet after the wedding
  • WEDDING KEEPSAKE: display in a vase as home decor or alongside other wedding keepsakes. Will look just as fresh when passed down to your children & grandchildren.


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